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TM OPERATOR’S RECEIVER-TRANSMITTER (RT) (RT- Series) · RT Model Differences (Distinguishing Features)* · Figure The RT series of radio sets have been designed to survive the You should read the Operator’s Manual TM and be. Receiver-Transmitter (RT) (RTE). Figure Vehicular Radio Components TM Figure SINCGARS Radio Components

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When operating in the single channel mode, this capability can be employed to help work through jamming or other interferences. If the enemy can generate enough power on your hopset frequencies, it is possible that your communications capability will be disrupted or even stopped.

For SC mode, this position reduces 1523s.

Those operators who do need to perform one or more special tasks must be given extra training on an as required, mission basis. Specific guidance regarding the FHMUX will be added to this manual when the system has been approved for fielding and firm procedures have been developed.

Cannot communicate in mission-required data mode using mission-related data device. Sidetone is not heard. A typical situation requiring retransmission communications is used to illustrate the various modes and procedures.

To intercept friendly traffic, an enemy must be able to match the FH data and sync time of the friendly net. If feasible, try to place an obstacle between you and the source of interference. This setting applies only to vehicular long range radios using a power amplifier.


TM 11-5820-890-10-HR

Commander and Ttm Control Box C 3. When mobile, never pass under power lines if there is any doubt about overhead clearance. If you must fully extend the long antenna near power lines, power line pales or towers, or buildings with overhead power line connections, never come closer than two times the antenna height from the base of the power line, pole, tower or building.

Whatever the cause, the answer is to establish an RXMT station at a site that will enable the NCS requesting station and outstation to continue, or resume, communications. Check for frayed cables, loose nuts or screws, correct seating of connectors, and completeness of equipment, whenever required.

By changing the default, the NCS makes it easy for operators or communications 152e3 to transfer a new loadset to other ANCDs of the unit, or to load the default loadset into radios. Definition of STU Tasks 1523r loaded sync time should be within one second of source time, otherwise try again. Also, the operator is provided a small pocket guide containing abbreviated task procedures covering all operator requirements.

Packet data mode can be used only with the FBCB2 system.

Figure 2. Radio Receiver-Transmitter RTE(C)/U – TMP-2_24

Although these PMCS are not difficult to perform, they do require an understanding of operator tasks and procedures. Distribution of new data in timely manner and maintenance of data reserves.

Battery Tray CY selected configurations onlypart of installation kit. Check for missing controls. Navigational Display This task is used to view, select, and edit waypoints, and show the navigational solution to the waypoint.


Hours of service will vary depending upon how long the battery was in storage prior to use, temperature when being used, and other factors which cannot be clearly defined. See Chapter 8 for additional data regarding service life expectancy of manpack batteries.

Enter the number 0 thru 7 to establish priority for that channel. RT cover is affixed with slot-headed screws. This is a one-character code that indicates the security classification or pilferage control for storage or transportation of assets. In this mode, the NCS radio automatically brings the time of all net radios back into synchronization every time the NCS transmits. HELP Verbally assisting operators having trouble with task performance.

Confirm receipt of ERF e. Manpack Radio Performance Data Notify your supervisor and, if appropriate, prepare a MIJI feeder report. New Data Modes Two new data modes are also provided: Most net operators do not need to be able to perform these tasks. Check for frozen controls. Components of Loudspeaker LS 2.

No action required if battery is new. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. No change to normal retrans procedures.