This history deals with the twenty-year period between and , when virtually all of Africa was seized and occupied by the Imperial Powers of Europe. Colonialism Appraised – African Perspectives on Colonialism. By A. Adu Boahen. Baltimore and London:Johns Hopkins Press, Pp. viii + £ African Perspectives on Colonialism. A. Adu Boahen. This history deals with the twenty-year period between and , when virtually all of Africa was.

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Trivia About African Perspecti Boahen then analyses the African initiatives and responses by examining various case studies characterising the responses into three categories: He also served on afrixan editorial board of the Journal of African History published by Cambridge University Press, and was a visiting scholar at such institutions as the Australian National University inColumbia University afrkcan and the State University of New York boshen and However, although his synthesis draws from a variety of sources, his conclusion is not far from some of European scholars such as Messrs Gann afrucan Duignan whom Boahen criticises for their seeming defence of colonialism Kirk-Greene, Nana Kwasi rated it it was ok Apr 23, In conclusion, all things considered, this book is an adequate synthesis of vast academic literature on colonialism and it highlights the importance of perspective in historical accounts in literature.

Therefore, although Boahen does not clearly assist the reader in discerning an Afrocentric perspective of colonialism, he assists the reader in the realisation that there are potentially many different perspectives influencing the academic and historical accounts of colonialism.


The last political impact Boahen articulates on is the delay in political development and maturation of African states. Kabwegyere, which cannot be fully covered in the scope of the book, his work is necessarily cryptic Harris, African Perspectives on Colonialism is a publication of the edited lectures Boahen persppectives as part of the James S. Colonialism, he says, put an end to inter-African trade which stunted the spread of language and culture and led regions to depend on metropolitan places for trade.

African Perspectives on Colonialism – A. Adu Boahen – Google Books

Sci in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. But his aim of offering an Afrocentric perspective remains questionable.

Because of this, he is credited with breaking the so-called “culture of silence” which marked the regime of President Jerry Rawlings, who had served continuously since Hanna rated it it was ok Feb 22, In cases of submission, rulers either submitted because of the futility of confrontation or because their need of protection from the Europeans was dire. It is a pleasure to read well-organized and thoughtfully-weighed chapters with such important information.

The greatest merit of this book, aside from the acknowledgement of the lack of African scholarly work on colonialism, is Boahen detailed and rigourous argument and thesis; which adequately shows that the negative consequences far outweigh the positive consequence that were mostly accidental and unintended by the colonial powers. He lost to Jerry Rawlings, but received Want to Read saving….

He considers the resulting peace and order that followed the periods of immense violence which came with the imposition as a positive Boahen, The second stage involved the event of European imperial powers signing treaties between each other.


Oct 17, Jonathan added it. Much of the history of African colonialism has been written from the viewpoint of the colonizers.

The John Hopkins University Press: According to Boahen, it was the social field that saw the more revolutionary changes and it was religion that was changing the most. Of these negative effects, Boahen starts with the fact that the infrastructure provided was inadequate and very unevenly distributed which resulted in uneven economic development. Krupa rated it liked it Dec 13, Click here to sign up. Their accommodating attitudes were consequences of African rulers being treated as equals of the Europeans, the perspctives that a lot of African rulers required colohialism and assistance against rivals or other European powers, and the reality of Africans being misled into agreement with the treaties by means of clauses and implications that were not elucidated to them.

African Perspectives on Colonialism

The other strategies of the rural and illiterate Africans were migration, refusal to work, and rejection of the colonial schools, languages and churches. Ultimately, Kufour won the Ghanaian presidential election, and became President.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Firstly, his synthesis relies heavily on the concept of resistance as an analytical framework in his analysis of colonialism Ferguson,