The Punishment Crusade was initiated by Castellan Draco of the Black Templars Space Marine Chapter and comprised numerous raids on the human. The Draco Aionius is a monster that attacked Camp Half-Blood while Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Clarisse La Rue, Tyson, and Grover Underwood. Castellan Draco – Black Templars hero. limited ed. model (rules id WD). comments are welcome. My Profile Send Me A Message All My.

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Draco Aionius | Riordan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Here’s the way they built Castellan Draco: So all told, not much seems to have changed, fanboys and opponents can believe what they want. They wore all-black armor and had black crosses on their right pauldron and shields, and were sworn to protect the Temple of Oaths OK, the reality is that Forge World wanted to justify including Black Templars into Horus Heresy.

But you might say, “Isn’t that what every other Spess Mehreen chapter does? Draco is a nice model I still have mine in the packaging. However, it’s not actually clear how many Marines they actually have. Several functions may not work. Imagination is NOT allowed in 40k, using your imagination may make things interesting or make sense, GW do not want there game to make sense or be remotely interesting 3: So why no Librarians?


A standard marshal is better in most?

Sign In Register now! Given the vagaries of in-universe time due to warp phenomena and the inevitable depletion of assets due to the nature of their work, as well as the fact that they have shit record keeping due to a complete lack of Librariansthe actual number of active templars would be in constant flux. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

I think there used to be cashellan for him in 3ED, he was a character and is mentioned in the current codex, but I think GW did away with him. Posted 02 March – By koni in casgellan 40K Tactics.

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If i can refer you to this Topic Tolek i believe there is a link to a site that gives the rules for him.

Castellan Draco rules?

I thought there was more but Bolter and Power sword, because the model was done that way – ruless I hoped they could have made him slightly more interesting If youre a jerk sure why not.


Hi, i have heard that the rules for this new BT character has been pubblished in white dwarf, could someone poste them? It now states they worship the Emperor as a God like the larger Imperium and they have close ties with the Ecclesiarchy. Sign In Create Account.

Retrieved from ” https: No buying, selling, trading, or advertising.

A-D-B also suggested about in an offhand comment; therefore, it is currently our highest reasonable upper limit without resorting to guesses. Talk about a jack of all trades He had no invulnerable save, and he wasn’t very well equipped Master-crafted power sword and Bolter is just castellaj the worst combo that you could have as a BT Character.

Captain Draco?

This topic has been archived. There might be some older rules but they aren’t in in the C: There is simply a choice: A small part of it likely has to do with their recruiting process. Can i field multiple lord castellan on dracoth?