User Manual. Page 2. Rev. 9. 2. Stage Designer™ TABLE OF CONTENTS. 1. Before . Switching Between Page A and Page B (channels and ). I recently bought a Chauvet Stage Designer 24 and can’t get it to work properly. I must say the manual is WEAK and not user friendly at all. TECHNICAL REFERENCE & MANUAL. Stage Designer™ TFXCON. CHAUVET. North 29th Ct. Hollywood, FL U.S.A.. Tel: .

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I must say the manual is WEAK and not user friendly at all. I guess my question is on the dmx 50 controller it has buttins to select each fixture.

I had gotten frustrated with it, and was considering getting a different board. What type of fixtures are you using? I discovered after reading the user guide, then playing with it, that you need to deslgner into record enable before you can erase all programs.

Today, I was reading the user guide, and decided to play with it some. Or do I have to match the fixture to the Stage setter, and if so where do I set this up?

I have a stage designer Thanks for the help anyway. Let’s assume I am using 2 martin scx’s different addresses channels of dmx 2 colorwashes at the same same address 4 channels and 2 color banks same address 4 channels. There is nothing in the manual about this. Chauvet Stage Designer 24 Help.


Chauvet Stage Designer 24 Manuals

I thought this would be easy to do in double preset mode but it is not performing as I had hoped. Emailed Chauvet a week ago–no response. Did you have a different code? Any help would be appreciated. There is absolutely no mention of Dmx addressing and how to set up fixtures to match addresses.

Chauvet Stage Designer 24 Help

Join the HC Newsletter. Chauvet Stage Designer 24 Help I suspect your problem is addressing related. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ srage.

How does the Stage Setter deal with the addresses. Help FAQs Go to top. I recently bought a Chauvet Stage Designer 24 and can’t get it to work properly. Yeah, I think you’re right. I purchased it to run with my PCDJDmx aka Blue light software to have an actual board to run the submasters in the software.

My suspicion is it has programs already recorded and that is why it is behaving strangely, so I am trying to reset it completly to “start from scratch”, yet when I follow the manual to erase all programs, nothing happens either. The software has 24 submasters that you can assign cues to and control from an external board. And I want a scene with all on. I am trying to tell if this board is defective, I am a defective for not figuring it out, or the manual is bad well I know it’s bad. So really I am trying to figure out how the board works in and of itself to see if it’s working properly at all I bought it usedhence my attempts to simply hook up some lights and see how it runs, but this hasn’t worked either.


How does this corrospond to the stage designer? Maybe I am not getting the stage setter but what if I had 10 fixtures each with 8 channels–color gobo etc all set to different DMX addresses that I want to make a single scene for.

Sounds defective to me. Let me ask, why did you purchase the Stage Setter 24? It should then respond to the first 4 faders on the board. I mentioned the dmx earlier because I no problem getting that to work, or the much more dense but user-friendly PCDJ software, so I was thinking either the board is defective or I am missing the boat on what it’s meant to do. Thanks for your help. It seems I am going to run out of channels pretty quick.

Is it only limited to 24 possible addresses? I must be missing something.

Used the code in the manual I still havent’ gotten it to work correctly.