1 Hour Quickstart Tutorial. Disclaimer. Citect Pty Ltd makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents or use of this manual and, to the. Vijeo Citect Quick-Start Tutorial Part 1 An introduction to the basics of Vijeo Citect This tutorial will guide you to build and run a project with Vijeo Citect V Download: Vijeo Citect V Quickstart Tutorial – Citect SCADA.

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Menu Configurations allow you to create a menu hierarchy up to 4 levels deep. You can move it into the correct position once the correct symbol has been tuotrial.

Vijeo Quickstart-Tutorial-V720

The type or model of automation equipment suitable for each application will vary depending on factors such as the control function required, degree of protection required, production methods, unusual auick and government regulations etc. Click on the Tutorisl button. Position the cursor next to the Manual button, then click to place the symbol on the page. You would need at least one element for each such an item configured to make actual use of it when configuring your project or graphics pages.

Vijeo Citect V7.20 Quickstart Tutorial

It cannot be used without a license key. Click on the Fill Tab. Once displayed, click and drag the cursor to reposition it on the graph. Check the Snap to Grid option, and then click OK to close the form.


QuickStart Tutorial

Click on the Add New Field button. Check Multi-Process, then click Next. Adding New Equipment Instances Let us go ahead and create a new equipment instance. Advanced Graphics Objects You can leave the project running while you enhance the configuration.

This will create a new symbol citecf in your project.

Generate both the speed and manual alarms for Pump 1. Click on the left-hand Tank symbol to select it.

Select the Animated Symbol Set on the toolbar, and click anywhere on the page to place the symbol. Press enter again to set the position or release left mouse button if you used that method. Once you are satisfied with the color of your text click OK. If the project we supplied doesn’t run on your PC, there is something hutorial with the Vijeo Citect installation or PC set-up.

Vijeo Quickstart-Tutorial-V – Tutorial supervisório Vijeo Citect

Creating Graphics Pages 28 4. You will need to be careful not to select additional objects if you use this method. Notice how the Equipment Editor automatically generated an Element associated with the Command equipment item. Experiment with some of the control buttons described belowor click-and-drag on the graph itself to move backwards and forwards through history. You are now ready to run our project.

Here is a list of top level menu items Level 1: Setting up the Grid Firstly you will setup a grid which will allow our cursor to snap to uniformly positioned locations on the screen, making it easier to size and position objects in relation to each other. Click OK to create your equipment. On the Toolbox click on the Rectangle Tool.


The Symbol Set will default to black and red lights.

On the Toolbox click on the Rectangle Tool. Command is on i. Using Sliders to Control Analogue Values You will configure a slider beside the rectangle that shows the Speed of the pump.

Click on the OFF symbol Set… button to select a different symbol to display for this state. Command item is found. Complete the rest of the form filling in the values as shown below: From the File menu, select Compile. This document does not replace any specific product documentation. The system is running as a user with no privileges in view-only mode. If you move the mouse immediately after holding down left mouse button, then you will only see the outline of the object as it is moved.

Pages you visit will appear as tabs on the green horizontal bar and you can switch between them easily by simply clicking on them. Alarms, Trends and Security Vijeo Citect comes with a number of prebuilt pages.

You will delete the existing tank, and replace it with the one from the symbol library.