Hattox, Ralph S. Coffee and Coffeehouses: The Origins of a Social Beverage in the Medieval Near East. Seattle and London: University of Washington Press. Coffee and Coffeehouses has 70 ratings and 11 reviews. J.M. said: Not so much a history of coffee and its public institutions, as a look at how something. Coffee and Coffeehouses: The Origins of a Social Beverage in the Medieval Near East. Front Cover. Ralph S Hattox. University of Washington Press,

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The fruit itself is called bunn, while the two parts of the fruit, the kernel and the husk, are called bunn or habb ah bunn and qishr respectively. This, is that in spite of ciffeehouses is sometimes perceived by Western tastes as fruitless quibbling over a concern of very little importance, an example of the petty-mindedness of a hidebound religious institution carried to its illogical extreme, these coffeehoises most certainly were deadly serious about the subject.

The official decree arrived some time later from Cairo, but, while it echoed the original disapproval of the social gatherings for coffee drinking, haytox failed to pro- hibit the drink itself.

Coffee, he argues, had been drunk for years, not just anywhere, but in the holiest cities in the Islamic Wine, Coffee, and the Holy Law 59 world, by citizens of all sorts, including those of the great- est religious rectitude, without there being the slightest hint of suspicion that it was an intoxicant.

He was a 16 The Coming of Coffee to clffeehouses Near East recluse, a man who only went out on Fridays or to see important people.

At any rate, the Meccans were not about to let a decree from Istanbul cheat them of their by now well- established pleasures. In the economic sphere, production of and trade in coffee helped breathe life into many areas that only shortly before had been commercially moribund. Sometime after the codfeehouses, or even just its reputation, initially reached an area through the agency of Sufi connections, it must have been realized, by those more concerned with profit cogfeehouses piety, that this might be a lucrative undertaking.

Coffee and Coffeehouses / Ralph S. Hattox

If we dismiss the opposition to coffee as did not only later Western writers, but even their own contemporaries and coreligionists as Muslim bluenoses, fired by their own pervertedly rigid concept of Islamic law and proper behavior, cofreehouses arid righteously preaching against even the most innocent of earthly pleasures, we not only do them a disservice, but ourselves as well, for in adopting such a stance we become mere participants in a debate that has been dead and cold for three hundred years.

There seems to have been the attempt, ad in Syria and Iraq, to create a park or gardenlike atmosphere, to sur- round the patron with refreshing sights and sounds unlike those of either the city or the desert: The problem is one of pushing the questions one step 8 The Great Coffee Controversy beyond those that have already been asked.

Actually, what we know of the physical layout, activities, and clien- tele of the tavern is scanty — perhaps our best sources are the very accounts that deal with coffee, which describe the activities in coffeehouses in terms of those of the tavern. Nonetheless, we must consider it a possibil- ity that in these coffee shops there were large caldrons coffeenouses hot from which covfeehouses cups of coffee were drawn.


It is unclear if he was act- ing under command from a higher authority, or whether the raid was entirely of his own planning. The effect on hospitality, since you could do it outside the home, and far more cheaply. True, one does have the answer to the question, but very little concerning the process of arriving at that answer.

This ending I have retained in the form of a superscript an, for instance, maj i2? Nonetheless, Busbecq thought it to the advantage of his diplomatic mission to remain in his apartment for almost the entire duration of his stay, and, in consequence, observed very little of the everyday life of the city.

What sort of alarming signals did those who be- gan to question the legality of the practice sense as being emitted from the use of coffee or from the patronage of the coffeehouse? Their interpretation has it that he originally said this to put an immediate stop to flagrant abuses, but later amended it so that a small amount of a drink that was not khamr might be allowed. Society and the Social Life of the Coffeehouse 92 8. Preview — Coffee and Coffeehouses by Ralph S.

As we shall see, the four distinct but mutually tolerant Sunni schools of jurisprudence madhhabpi. In the past century, such strolling vendors of coffee but not of other drinks requiring less elaborate preparation have virtually disappeared. As someone who didn’t know much about how Islam handles these questions, I found it fascinating. First, as we have seen, coffee had come into use only a relatively short time before, and even a shorter period had passed since its spread from the Yemen; no more than twenty years, and perhaps less than ten.

The use of this drink may very well have originated with a Sufi shaykh of the Shadhillya order. Finding none, he ruled in favor of coffee.

There is one crucial thing about the tavern of which we can be certain, and this is what makes it entirely unlike the coffeehouse. From all accounts, sugar was seldom if ever used, while milk was almost never added. Shams al-Dln, along with the two doctors, also drew up a legal question asking for the general prohibition of coffee, which they dispatched to the central authories in Cairo along with a copy of the minutes.

Fortunately, there were other travelers with a more highly developed sense of curiosity. Following a staged trial, coffee was declared illegal and burned in the city’s streets. In order to exploit fully the accounts of a controversy such as that over coffee, one must look at it as more than a series of confrontations between the advocates of various positions, as more than an interesting and intriguing case study of the applications of Islamic law and legal reason- ing.


Engraving of a Coffee Tree LaRoque 2. We find an inherent suspi- cion and, considering their always vulnerable position, a natural and healthy one on the part of the civil author- ities concerning the role of coffee and the coffeehouse in encouraging extended social intercourse.

Several intermediary developments were necessary be- fore the coffefhouses of shops for the distribution of coffee as centers of social importance. Lauren rated it really liked it Jul 24, The official report of the events in Mecca in gives the first allusion to the presence of a place for consuming coffee where people gather for social ends as well as refreshment.

Coffee and Coffeehouses by Ralph S. Hattox

We in the West may take coffee, but the Arab almost invariably drinks it. It is rare for one to be able, even when closing the smallest deal, to avoid having a cup or more of coffee or, particularly in Turkey, tea. Dufour, Traitez nouveaux Plate 4 Upper left is a coffee pot designed by Nicolas de Blegny ; the others are types that were commonly seen in Europe in the late seventeenth century.

Of the mass of hadiths in the various collections, a few regularly find their way into the arguments in the works of practical haytox. JazIrT, however, speaks at great length on the events of the case. The use of various sorts of drugs as inducements to holy rapture was not unknown. We know that from the end of the sixteenth century the Turks embraced both the drink and the institution with as much, if not more, enthusiasm as their Arab coreligionists.

This account seems to combine a number of themes that we have seen before. In such a case, the fault lies with the drinker, not with the beverage itself. Nonetheless, it would be foolish to ignore the fact that concern coffeenouses the strict adherence of the believers to holy law was not always the sole anxiety of the governing pow- ers. The authors of treatises on coffee devote a great deal of space to a refutation of these claims.

One will often encounter cogfeehouses carefully phrased question that deals with just the subject at hand.

This innovation is often attributed to the scholar cotfeehouses Sufi, Muhammad al- DhabhanT, who died circa Anne rated it liked it Mar 13, In order to maintain the integrity of their previous arguments, the HanafTs could hardly recognize this redefi- cofee of khamr?

There Coffee and Medieval Medicine 71 were attempts to do this, but they were usually overturned with some speed. Strolling vendors, such as the one depicted here in an engraving entitled Vendeur de caffe par les rues by Jean Baptiste van Moorwere seen on the streets both of the Near East and Europe. On the whole, however, it is rather vague, and seems to contain more than a bit of legend.