Ford never saw fit to put a manual in the Panther, so it’s not a straight bolt-in and illustrated guide to doing the same with a Crown Victoria. Ford Crown Victoria Workshop Manual L SFI; (13, Pages). (Free). Ford Crown Victoria Workshop Manual L_ SOHC VIN 9; (12, Pages). Order Ford Crown Victoria Repair Manual – Vehicle Maintenance online today. Free Same Day Store Pickup. Check out free battery charging and engine.

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Ford Crown Victoria – Active Retirees – Hot Rod Network

Instead of a donning a robe and slippers in the old-folks home, Mike and his car are seeing as much action in retirement than they did when they were working.

For Mike, at least, retirement is a lot more fun.

Maybe the coolest Crown Victoria ever made, and only 18 exist. At the time, Ford supplied all the vehicles for the school, and students drove Roush-prepared Mustangs. The instructors, needing cars that could carry up to three passengers while demonstrating on-track techniques, drove Taurus SHOs.

Among the list of desired criteria were four doors, room for four adults, and a manual transmission to demonstrate heel-and-toe downshifting techniques. Being offered only with an automatic transmission was a liability, but being a V8 rear-wheel-drive sedan was a strong positive.

Roush performed the swap and prepped the cars for track duty. We have a photocopy of the build sheet, and step number one reads: Among other work Roush performed was installing an F radiator and a pulley-driven clutch fan for mznual Phoenix summersa Cobra R oil cooler, modified exhaust downtubes minus catalytic convertersEibach springs, Monroe shocks, Performance Friction brake pads, stainless brake lines, Cobra wheels and tires, 3.


Fast-forward several years, and now the Bondurant School has a relationship with General Motors.

Ford Crown Victoria Owners Manuals

Most of the Fords were sold, and several of them ended up on eBay, including this particular car. Mike Callahan was shopping for a new car at the time. Being a Ford guy, he just typed Ford into an eBay search, and this was one of the returns. Nothing has broken, and Mike averages 22 mpg on the vicctoria while crisscrossing the country.

You get the best of all worlds.

Ford Crown Victoria

Home of the Bearcats! A stock Mustang Cobra, dual-overhead cam, 4. To improve shift feel and durability, Roush rebuilt each transmission with carbon-fiber synchronizer blocker rings. The stock manifolds were left in place. Crown Victoria Police Interceptors came with dual exhaust, which is a good start. Roush built manula mid-pipes and connected them to a custom Borla exhaust victorua, which includes an H-pipe.

Roush just changed the ring-and-pinion from 3. Mike recently had 4.

For serious cornering, the stock springs and shocks were way too soft. The front and rear sway bars also got tossed in favor of much bigger ones.

After buying the car, Mike further modified it by adding rear control arms from Carriage House Engineering and an even bigger rear bar. Equipped with Delrin bushings, the control arms have eliminated manuual issues Mike was getting with the stock arms. Surprisingly, the braking system on these cars was good right from the factory.

Roush just upgraded the brake pads with a set from Performance Friction and added cooling ducts to the backside of the front rotors. In addition, the vuctoria flex hoses were replaced with braided stainless-steel hoses. Roush built and installed a six-point rollcage complete with window crowh for all four windows and a Halon fire suppression system with discharge nozzles located in the passenger compartment and near the fuel cell.


The stock gas tank was removed, and a Fuel Safe gallon fuel cell was installed in the trunk. It houses a Mustang Cobra fuel pump, which feeds the injectors through braided fuel lines. A set of Recaro front buckets with crowh safety harnesses keep Mike both comfy on the freeway and track-legal. The center xrown from a Ford Contour looks as if it were made for the Crown Vic, and we love seeing the five-speed shifter instead of an automatic-transmission gear selector.

Only crkwn cars were built, but they were numbered 1 through 19, skipping the number Bob Bondurant kept one Cobra Vic, which is on display at the school. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Email. Roadkill’s Small Block Blaze Battle of the Network S X Newsletter Sign Up. I prefer to receive internal offers and promotions. I prefer to receive occasional updates with special offers from carefully selected third party partners.

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