Has anyone passed 3 CT actuarial papers (CT1, CT3, CT6) of IAI in one diet? by doing atleast 10 years papers and the Q Bank provided with the notes. CT3 EXAM TIPS. Ravi Vyas November 27, actuarial, Actuarial Coaching, actuarial coaching mumbai, actuarial jobs, Revision notes will be helpful too. CT3 P C 05 Combined Materials Pack ActEd Study Materials: Examinations the Course Notes, even if you have studied for some actuarial exams before.

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The 3 chapters broadly cover these concepts: If you have just started your actuarial journey, then September is a good option. You might also like More from author Actuarial Science. How much time is required to complete the syllabus? The further suggested reading: It covers most of the CT3 concepts.

What is the update to CT3 as per Curriculum? Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?


High91Jul 27, I found the stats pack useful: The paper will consist of a problem-based assessment using R in addition to a written exam. What problem are you trying to solve and where are nnotes getting stuck?


Any other thing I can get free of cost.?? Actuarial Science Actuarial Science Discussion. The real essence of CT3 can be felt from chapter 10 onwards. Apart from academics, I have been trained in Kathak for 8 years and dancing, solving puzzles are my hobbies.

The paper is usually a cakewalk for statistics students.

IFoA Exam CT3 – Pass Rates | Actuarial Lookup UK

Freund’s Mathematical statistics with applications. No, create an account now.

High91Jul 29, Can anybody in the forum please give me some notes on CT3. This part revolves around inferential statistics i.

The show begins here!

The Intro partly recap! A few minutes familiarising yourself with this will not be time wasted. High91Jul 21, That said, one tip is that the relationship between the Gamma and chi-sq distribution is one that examiners are really, really keen on. CalumJul 24, The 3 chapters broadly cover these concepts:. Discussion in ‘ CT3 ‘ started by High91Jul 21, Can anybody clear this messy thing.?

Yes, my password is: Log in or Sign up. Thank You so much for constant help, Tiger I checked out that site, but could not find any thing on our course.


What should be my preparation strategy for CT3? Hi, I’m pursuing M.

Facing real difficulties in topics like Poisson distribution, binomial distribution, etc. When should I give CT3? High91Jul 22, Hey guys, I am really not able to understand Gamma Distribution. The next part builds on probability and random variables.

Is there any additional material which needs to be studied? It would be very helpful.

Share This Page Tweet. A two-step strategy acturial course notes and revision notes works well for CT3. This is something that even Youtube could not provide for. You might find it or similar at your local library? I found Strizacker’s Elementary Probability a really sound introduction; I had a copy out of my uni library for two years straight.