DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) is a set of communications protocols used between components in process automation systems. Its main use is in utilities. The data, examples and diagrams in this manual are included solely for the concept or product description and are not to be deemed as a statement of. IEEE STD. (DNP3) TUTORIAL. Date: May 17, – Sunday am –5: 30 pm. Event: IEEE Substations Committee Annual Meeting.

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This can result in significantly more responsive data retrieval than polling everything, all the time, irrespective of whether it has changed significantly. From Rnp3, the free encyclopedia.

While IEC was still under development and had not been standardized, there was a need to create a standard that would allow interoperability between various vendors’ SCADA components for the electrical grid. Complete, comprehensive documentation of the protocol is available to the public.

The ability to report event and historical data is not available in the Modbus protocol. Also important was the time frame; the need for a solution to meet dn3p requirements.

The version of the standard includes features for Secure Authentication Version 5. Ron Farquharson and Craig Preuss. The DNP3 protocol has significant features that make it more robust, efficient, and interoperable than older protocols such as Modbusat the cost of higher complexity. DNP3 is an open and public protocol.

Paul also enjoys the outdoors, fly fishing, and spending time with his family. In addition to their flexibility in measuring sensors, our data loggers are also tutoial flexible in how they transfer data, which includes communicating with SCADA systems via the DNP3 protocol. Search the Blog Search. This causes the Remote Terminal Unit to send all buffered events and also all static point data to the Master station.


The protocol is robust, efficient, and compatible with a wide range of equipment, but has become more complex and subtle over time. This includes conceptual design; cost justification; technology assessments; equipment specification, procurement and selection; system architecture for substation networks of all kinds; cyber security; detailed design including logic, drawing development, and programming; testing; and commissioning.

IEEE STD. (DNP3) TUTORIAL | IEEE Power & Energy Society eNews Update

For example, floating point number variants are available, so there is no need to map the number on to a pair of 16 bit registers. The previous version of tutoral authentication in IEEE used pre-shared keys only.

dp3 Also, SCADA concepts are technically simple but field applications that integrate several types of equipment can become complex to set up or troubleshoot due to variances in vendor implementations. This feature of DNP3 allows historical and event-driven data to be transmitted while ensuring that no critical data is lost.

Overview of the DNP3 Protocol

Gutorial for more articles in the future with further DNP3 protocol implementation details and tips. May 17, — Sunday 8: View all articles by this author. For a number of years, our data loggers have supported the DNP3 protocol.

After an Integrity Poll, only significant data changes are sent. Usage in other industries is not common. Weather tuforial based on Campbell Scientific data loggers are used worldwide because of their capability, flexibility, accuracy, and reliability.


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Stay informed with our latest updates by following us on these platforms: Share This Article Email. The development of DNP3 was a comprehensive effort to achieve open, standards-based Interoperability between substation computers, RTUs, IEDs Intelligent Electronic Devices and master stations except inter-master station communications for the electric utility industry.

The User Group also maintains a comprehensive website with wide range of resources for its members. We’re active on Social Media!

These include not just encryption but other practices that enhance security against well known intrusion methods. The focus of this extensive library was to eliminate the need for bit-mapping data over other objects, as is often done in many Modbus installations.


As real-time weather data and energy production have become more intertwined with the deployment of wind and solar farms, transferring critical weather data via SCADA protocols has become more and more commonplace. It was developed for communications between various types of data acquisition and control equipment.

DNP3 has been designed to be as close to compliant as possible to the standards as they existed at time of development with the addition of functionality not identified in Europe but needed for current and future North American applications e. As ambitious an undertaking as this was, we reached this objective.