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Be merciful with us — You know our frailty. You alone save drowning souls, so gracious with our states, Rescuing the doomed, relieving our dire straits: It was in this situation that Shaykh ibn Nasir adopted his position of the most powerful resistance to the enemy.

Full text of “Dua Nasiri Arabic and Translation : Prayer of the Oppressed”

Complete and blissful knowledge of You within our soul! Something went wrong Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated?

By this Dua, dka become the ones who can construct the future on the ruins now strewn across the deserts of humanism. In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful. For solace in these states, we turn to You alone, Complaining that we cannot make it on our own.

By the sacred sounds ofsad and qqf, and holy nun, A thousand veils enfolding to protect our land from ruin, Your current browser isn’t compatible with SoundCloud. Reckon not that God is heedless of the oppressors; rather He defers their punishment to a day in which eyes roll over and intellects evanesce. Hide its natural strength in guarded secret trust, And veil its protection in a graceful, gracious mist.


By the rank of every prophet, who ever called naeiri You, By the rank of every saint, who ever sought from You, And on his noble family down the ages, everyone, Companions, followers, every daughter, every son. Raise our children up as brave and pious scholars Who base their days on Your sweet light as true exemplars ; You bring us to the path should we all go astray And overlook our slips when we lose our way; Secure our hearts within Your glorious defense, In restless journeys far or in our residence; La ghalib illallah, Edited from the text of Shaykh Dr.

He then embedded this dja of absolute dependence in the luminous and dazzling confirmation that Allah, glory be to Him, was the Answerer of supplications. Overcome our foes with Your subduing might, Unravel all their hopes, and force them to take flight; Haven of the helpless, upon You we depend; Helper of the hapless, we trust in Your godsend!

Protect it through the works of its faithful and true scholars And elevate its lights to its rightful radiant colors; Full text of ” Dua Nasiri Arabic and Translation: All created things You nqsiri in Your embrace, With mercy and with light, the duaa of Your grace. We beg for Your relief, redeemer of the weak; You are enough for us, both humbled and so meek. The Prophet describes the most powerful form of revelation he experienced as the reverberation of a bell jarasand God knows best.

Establish righteous rule while granting noble station, With high respect and dignity in every nation; It is important that the Muslims spread this Dua until its reverberation undermines the foundations of the current tyranny. The kings all bow like us to Your great sovereignty, You choose whom to abase or raise decisively.

The decadent French provincial governors began to sense that a new wind of defiance and hope was lifting the Moroccan people into a pride and defiance they had not seen.


Nasiri Dua: So Powerful, Rulers Would Ban It From Mosques

Our numbers are reduced, our former wealth effaced, Our once exalted rank and high repute abased; n. Sustainer of us all, O towering support, Our Lord who grants us all defense within His fort, Please look upon us now in all our misery, Our state as souls oppressed displayed so openly: Lord, we stand before You now, bereft without You, lost, Without design or strategy, by every tempest tossed; By the rank of those select and pious overseers, Chosen spiritual substitutes for those departing here, Supplication is the true weapon of a believer.

Fill our land with good prosperity, Release our citizens from dire poverty; 66 67 The French bombing of the Moroccan Muslims was the model which the fascist forces of Germany and Italy were later to use in the bombing of Guernica and, then, across Europe.

Bestow Your lordly solace on the perfect Chosen One, Your plenitudinous grace upon his dazzling sun; You are the one we call: And place our status over those who took our lands, Constrain their evil now, and tightly bind their hands; Deter their sua aims, and dash their unjust plan; Repel them from our gates, and mystify each man.

It is not, however, a pyramid letter the spreading of which alone will secure success. Accept this prayer, O Lord: