HVCA DW August 16, | Author: pheed5 | Category: Duct (Flow), Specification (Technical Standard), Screw, Building, Building Engineering. DW/ is recognised throughout the UK as the Standard Specification for ductwork manufacture and installation. It came into being in when it replaced. Kent Ductwork manufactures standard galvanised ducting to the DW specifications, which achieves all of the current BS, EN & ISO standards.

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Sections below define the information that is to be provided by the system designer. BS EN Continuously hot-dip zinc coated low carbon steels strip and sheet for cold forming. The new ductwodk combine the Construction Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations and CDM into one single set of regulations which introduce some important changes to the safety regime. EN lists the grades of steel set out in the columns below, among others: The principal mechanism for achieving this is through the replacement of existing national standards and technical approvals with a single set of European-wide technical duchwork for construction products i.

The HSE maintain a national registration scheme of safety consultants. It should be noted that the 1 July was the end of a transition period that started in early The basic requirements for storage are: If the basements are compartmented each separate compartment must have a separate outlet and have access to ventilation without having to gain access, i.

Since European standards have run alongside the British Standard Part Method 2 Protection using fire resisting enclosures Method 3 Protection using fire resisting ductwork 4. Classification using data from fire resistance tests on products and elements used in building service installations: BS EN Cold rolled uncoated and zinc or zinc-nickel electrolytically coated low carbon and high yield strength steel flat products for cold forming.


There is no restriction on the size of duct in which multi-blade dampers or damper assemblies may be used.

It has little specular reflectivity. ICOM publishes new guide for commercial applications. Conditions of Trading CL The Amber document fuctwork indicator indicates that some ductwwork is needed when using this document – it is either: Supports for acoustic insulation and inline ancillary items are to be designed separately due to probable weight considerations relative to the attached ductwork items.

Now includes expanded content related to: Categories Categories We offer a range of support services to our members including expert technical, legal and employment advice.

Particular emphasis should be given to how the ductwork is installed into the supporting construction walls and floors of different types and what additional stiffening should be employed within the wall as was tested. Thank you for interesting in our services.

Design Notes for Ductwork TM These standards for smoke control ductwork and dampers may become applicable within the life of this standard and then similar procedures should be followed as that which are followed for fire dampers above, but using the published standards for smoke control products.

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DW standard – Pro-Duct Clean

This document Older versions. As with coastal applications, poor quality polished finishes can lead to disappointing performance of Stainless Steel.

To minimise the risk of damage it is recommended that before a contract is finalised, that consideration is given to the following subjects: It also contains updated information on hangers and supports, smoke and fire dampers, external ductwork, internal duct linings, thermal insulation, air terminal units, with many clear reference tables.


Safety and accessibility in use. Additionally, tie rods Figs. Although there is no precise formula for calculating the level of air loss, it is generally accepted that leakage will increase duchwork proportion to pressure to the power of 0. If wire rope is utilized, since the area of contact between the wire rope and the ductwork is minimal this normally negates the need for vapour sealing of the wire apart from where it penetrates the vapour seal and this should be undertaken by the insulation contractor.

The same methods are applicable to vertical flat oval ducts.

Full guidance with regard to risk assessment, maintenance etc is given in the RRFSO or its associated guidance. Welding with conventional equipment should not be attempted.

Duct work construction to DW/144

The contract should clearly indicate: Distortion shall be kept to a minimum. This approach would realise the following benefits: The reason being that if a duct under a negative pressure fails a leakage test it is impossible to identify the leakage path.

Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: The ductwork should have a weathering cravat to fit over the kerb. The tests shall be carried out as the work proceeds and prior to the application of thermal insulation. A responsible person should be asking for all the Regulation 38 documentation when a building is handed over.