providing a window into the process. Rev: n/a. P/N: n/a. ECO: n/a. Dynisco 1/8 DIN Indicator. Concise Product Manual Cleaning Tool Kit, Machining Tool Kit, Indicator , Process. Readout UPR , Process Controller ATC For additional options please contact the factory. For additional options please consult factory. Accessories. Indicator , Process Readout UPR, Process Controller ATC,. Cleaning Tool Kit, Machining.

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If anyone attempts to modify the parameters when the indicator is locked, the display will show inh.

Enter with FUNC key. Er Error during internal autozero measurement for temperature drift compensation. Er40 This error occurs during an incomplete configuration save operation. Use the and keys to modify this parameter.

The master can require a maximum of 20 words at a time. Shunt calibration value External contact function Range: Press synisco FUNC key to initialize zero calibration.

Dynisco 1390 Indicator Series

Although the common sense suggests to manage analog variables as 13990 and Boolean variables as bits, below is described the behavior to access analog variables example: Press the FUNC button to reach desired parameter then make output adjustments by pressing or until the signal output measured by the multimeter reaches the proper value.

Resolution and decimal point position are as selected for the readout value. RTU is a binary method with byte format composed as follows: Continue doing this until all bytes have been processed.


Following the safety instructions will help to prevent accidents, defects and malfunctions. Default values are shown on page At this point, be sure that no pressure is applied and cynisco the transducer is at operating temperature.

The word is set at the start-up. This error may appear at instrument start-up in operating mode. Russian Vodka 3D model. The alarm must have been programmed as a low alarm. Cynisco if function selected above is performed with contact closed, or OP if function selected above is performed with contact open.

▷ dynisco 3d models・grabcad

An example of a C language function performing CRC generation is shown below. You must follow the pushbutton sequences exactly as described. For many parameter settings, the display initially alternates between a code and numerical value. Warnings Electrical shock can result in death or serious injury.

– Pressure Indicator Manual in English_百度文库

The low alarms can be set as low alarm masked to inhibit alarm action during start up. You may have to scale up by my makerbot seems to make things tight. Units are precalibrated 1309 the factory and do not require adjustment.

The codes for the remaining digits in dtnisco alarm-operating mode are: Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until 8 shifts have been performed. Slide the instrument from the front into the instrument case. FBX version Stem Cell compatible.


When this is done, a complete byte will have been processed. Returns to dunisco mode when a write to illegal address occurs. Related 3d models searches:. Press and hold FUNC until display returns to pressure reading.

dynisco 1390 3d models

The indicator automatically returns to the normal operating mode after 6 seconds if no changes are made. Press FUNC to modify the decimal point. The Model can also be supplied with bidirectional and half duplex RS dynosco communications.

Hold-On Value Hol The external contact can be used to freeze input signal sampling, holding the last measured value for use on the display, alarms, retransmission etc. H x W x D 42 Weight: HAr is displayed and repeat for second alarm set-point.

Easy-to-remember pushbutton sequences simplify transducer calibration routines. On for shunt calibration enabled, or OFF for shunt calibration disabled Note: It must be kept near the equipment in a readily and immediately accessible location at all times. A compact, dyniscoo mm x 96 mm 1. Alarm 1 hysteresis Alarm 2 operative modeRange: This value corresponds to the percentage of the Full Scale Value.