La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional: Juan Cassasus: Books – La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional. Front Cover. Juan Casassus. Ediciones Castillo S.A. De C.V., – Education – pages. La educacion del ser emocional/ The Education of Being Emotional (Spanish) Paperback – Import, 1 Apr by Juan Cassasus (Author). Be the first to review .

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She recalls that she met her husband in Madera and talks about her experiences working in the field and the difficulties she endured, especially as a woman. Juntos, ellos tienen cuatro hijos, tres hijas emocioal un hijo. Today he has taught five different classes in Spain.

She reflects that it was during her time working in the fields, translating for her father, that she learned English.

This church is still used today, and with a primarily Meocional congregation. The family lived in one room together, it was very close quarters. Ella habla de su vida con su familia en Tijuana y las dificultades que sufrieron. He continues kuan to talk about his values. Comenta que ella desea la felicidad para sus tres hijos. Vigil reflects upon how the Latino community has grown a lot in Yamhill County and that she used to know all the families but she no longer does.

Shortly thereafter, his family moved to a town called Levelland, Texas. On the other hand, studies Gardner, ; Casassus, ; Emovional, ; Mora, indicate that environments permeated with affectivity can provide welfare to the whole school community administrators, faculty, students, staff, parents and or guardians of studentsensuring a healthier environment and favoring both pro- cesses of teaching and learning.

However, she says that she has observed there is now less discrimination overall though it does still occur. Gaspar would have liked to continue his schooling, but his father needed help. At this time, her husband put all his documents in order. She worked as a housekeeper for a sheriff who helped her to start the immigration process for her three sons.


She remembers that a teacher came to her house once and suggested that Evangelina should go to school. Passion, a lot of passion! Gingerich recalls that inhe began to organize weekly picnics during the summer to encourage the community to come together.

Continuando la entrevista, Paz le da gracias a Dios. He does remember that his and other Mexican families did not have the resources to be able to travel to the mountains, or to the World Fair when it came to San Diego during the s.

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She says the school district has done a good job in its focus on helping Latino and Spanish-speaking students. Visitors were welcomed rather than dreaded.

Richardson used her Spanish-speaking skills frequently in her work, and she started a donation of books program in the Yamhill County Jail. Mora complements explaining that emotions are unconscious and, in turn, the feelings are the conscious experience of an emotion. Jorge and Cristina married on July 07, and will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year.

Zoila first sent for Jorge, and then for his younger brothers one at a time. Vigil resides in Lafayette, Oregon, where she has lived for over fifty years.

Latinos en Oregón Oral History Collection / Colección de Entrevistas Orales,

She explains her financial situation and how she sent money to her mother in Mexico for the two years when she lived in California. She gives the example of the organization Bridging Cultures and also the store Thriftway. After marrying and having children in Mexico, her mother Elsa was disappointed at the lack of resources available to sustain her family.

He first raised chickens. He concludes the interview by talking about his plans for the future.

La Educacion Del Ser Emocional

The most vivid memory of his mother is of the day on which she died. Manny also mentions that he has one son living in Tualitin, Oregon and another son is living in Portland, Oregon.


A very young age, she learned German; an important experience which Reid thinks facilitated her learning more languages, including Spanish. In Education Goleman His father, who worked as a trackwalker for the railroad. Paz then discusses religion and the idea of evolution. They waited a month for their mail before learning that they needed to get a P. During his high school years, he remembers artwork and drawing and he recalls playing American Football as a quarterback.

He recalls that he enjoyed swimming as a child, so whenever he had free time as an adult, he would go to Tillamook, Oregon, with his friends to swim in the sea. He found the racial divides similar to those he experienced when he attended school in San Diego. He grew up with his godmother while his mother came to the US to work as a housekeeper. Platica de los valores familiares tales como la humildad, el respeto a los mayores, y de ser amables.

It came to casssus a mix emocilnal the two cultures, combining some aspects and rejecting others, because they are not relevant in all cultural contexts.

After the military, Gaspar joined the National Police for a year and a half until he came to the United States when he was twenty-three years old approximately Upon arrival, Gaspar performed many odd jobs in order to provide for her children. However, today, Evangelina knows how to drive and has a license to do so. Luckily, they quickly found a suitable place on Market Street with a cactus in front of the building. He reflects upon how he did and did not fit in as a Latino and also recalls an experience of racism he endured in South Texas when he caaassus a child at a bank with his grandfather.