to designers’ needs and now makes available a catalogue on DVD with CAD 2D and. 3D drawings of all its products. General index. ELESA+GANTER is the name of the commercial joint-venture between the two world leaders in the design and manufacture of standard machine elements. Search in Ganter catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click.

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Polyamide based PA technopolymer with adjusting hexagon. Stock holding of liquid glue is eliminated.

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Aluminium, fine turned finish. UL V Vertical Burning The test entails putting gantr set of five standardised samples of the plastic in a vertical position into catalpgue each one twice for 10 seconds with a flame applied at their bottom free edge.

The Jury stands out his creativity and his excellent technical execution Sheet body and metal parts: This security aspects may be essential for certain applications of standard parts. Types of machining process.

F available as accessories sold separately. This knob has been designed for heavy duty work where the use of a hammer for a firmer clamping action is required.

Order catalogues

These element are made of a wide variety of different metallic materials and by applying a unique variety cztalogue manufacturing methods and surface treatments. Rzinc-plated as per DINdegree of filtration microns. Provided with the supply, press-fit assembly, removable by pressing on the outer edge ELESA original design. We thank you for your interest in our webportal. It specifies that the minimum dimension of the bore corresponds to the nominal dimension.

Special executions and accessories Catalotue sufficient quantities: The abscence of cavities and the slightly round shapes offer a modern and elegant aesthetics and guarantees the best cleaning.



An initial hardening sufficient to fix the thread is reached after about 30 minutes while complete hardening of the fixture will take place over a period of 24 hours. Indicator choice to be ordered separately: This type of knurling cqtalogue both axial anchoring that contrasts axial tensile stress and radial anchoring to avoid rotation during the catalgoue of torque Fig. Information The connection between the operating devices and the axis consists very often of a cross pin or a grub screw.

Brass bosses, tapped through holes for the assembly of levelling elements series LS. Black-oxide steel cataloguue threaded hole and toothed element for coupling to the lever body, treaded steel retaining screw and return spring. GN door locks have a pulling-in range of 10mm. Spring plunger GN The latch clamp GN also features a locking mechanism which prevents the inadvertent or vibration-induced opening of the clamp.

During the screwing operation, the capsules open under the pressure caused by the friction between the two threads.

The material itself has a low environmental impact because it can be recycled reversible solidification. For applications not requiring handle bases, the screw channel provides a very economical cattalogue solution with thread-tapping screws.

GN thrust pads are used to transmit clamping forces by means of grub screws gantr GN Download Catalog [GN ]. High resilience polyamide based PA technopolymer, black colour, matte finish. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Zinc-plated case-hardened steel C10, blue passivated.

The use of this table is limited to smooth circular cylindrical workpieces or such with two parallel fitting planes or contact areas.

Anodised aluminium self-adhesive front plate. They are normally kept undersized so that assembly is slightly forced at ambient temperature. In any case, due to the properties of the materials and the measures taken during the design stage, these products may also be used for outdoor applications, where they are exposed to various atmospheric agents.


These quantities catalogeu determined during the quotation analysis. The values of this force are always higher, with a broad safety margin, than those that may be applied by normal operations performed by hand, but designers who wish to take into account cases of improper use should avoid the situations illustrated in cases Incorrect types of assembly: Two marks are present on the samples at standardized distances from the free end.

During the closing movement the arm is guided on both sides to prevent it from being affected by possible side thrust. Members Agents and Importers. The permissible maximum dimension corresponds to the nominal dimension plus the IT tolerance. NBR synthetic rubber packing rings.

If you continue browsing on the site, we consider that you have accepted the use of cookies. Not recommended for use. HB, V2, V1 and V0 with progressively increasing levels of flame resistance. The shaft rotary movement can take place directly on the inner diameter of the spherical cap, made of self-lubricating material. For each of the three samples, the flame is extinguished before it reaches the further mark from the point of application of the flame. Particularly suitable when elssa lever turning angle is limited owing to lack of space.

The digits of red rolls show the decimal values. This solution is used to hide the burrs that form on the joining line of the mould, thus eliminating the cost of deburring and finishing.