#!/bin/bash # Date: # Last revision: # Distribution used to test: ubuntu (64bit) # Author: Michael Weimann # Wine version used. Getting ElsterFormular Running with Wine on linux. I’ve been doing my taxes here in Germany for the past few years with the help of wine. Download wine on this exec 3. Actual results: Described.

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Elster und wine

Message Unfortunatly it does not work for me, too. Message I was not able to automatically update the playonlinux installation of version As usual you can get the lastest version here: Otherwise everybody has done a great job and we significantly reduced the amount of bugs from about to 70, exluding enhancements.

Maybe the company I am working at is totally unrepresentativeā€¦ Update: ElsterFormular version 16 does not install properly on PlayOnLinux. As a result we elstertormular closing this bug.


The update seems to work! Login [x] Log in using an account from: In case you still own a Samsung NC10 netbook and suspend stopped working with Fedora 15 there is a pretty simple workaround: Inkscape uses some non-standard binding method for gdl with lots of hand-written code.


This is an environment specific issue that none of us can reproduce. Comment 9 Michael Cronenworth Version-Release number of selected component if applicable: Installer proceeds Additional info: That might be true, but is it the application they spent their time with when they are working? So, from the little hacker in me I am a bit annoyed about forking strategies some projects have.

So, yeah, we relaesed another version some days ago. Message Hab es nach vielem rumprobieren endlich zum Laufen bekommen: Replies weeman Monday 18 May at Here is a link to an icon for the software list: Tested on Ubuntu I’m running Ubuntu Um an die eigentliche DLL zu kommen, eignet sich cabextract.

Message I must confirm the failure. Thanks Replies petch Thursday 31 December at Sadly PlayOnLinux has currently some issues.

The problem is related to this bug: The browser myth I could grab an older version from the pc of my mother she is always faster doing the tax-things Posted by jhs Filed in Linux. Another thing I couldn’t find any solution for is the PDF view.

Comment 1 Sebastian Lackner You can save my latest suggestion in a “. Please file the bug there. Regards, Sebastian Comment 2 Michael Cronenworth Printing the transfer protocol does not work, the button “letter to tax auth. Comment 2 Michael Cronenworth I am quite sure the upstream version fixes lots of problems still present in other versions and I am also sure the other versions contain some useful additions to gdl and that it would be no big deal to merge them.


WineHQ – ElsterFormular x

Elstervormular, please use the version “Wednesday 31 May at Any solution or easy idea?? Posted by jhs Filed in EnglishLinux. Information This installer has been approved by the team.

The installer ran successfully and installed the software. It does a good job but it is far from perfect and it is even the question from a UI perspective if the averange application really needs to have such a heavy docking library in a general-purpose toolkit. As Murray already mentioned we updated the Clutter Tutorial over the last weeks for the upcomming Clutter 0. This is not a bad thing in general as it might be possible to generate better debugging info if you know the exact binary package.