This EV EVMB 15″ driver was reconed professionally and is ready to go back to work. Its moving parts were replaced or reconditioned, and the driver was. Home · Used Live Sound & Lighting Gear · Used PA Systems & Speakers. Electro Voice EvM 15B 15″ Full Range Woofer pair. Listed by: Soundguy Great sounding EV EVM 15B speaker with correct EV cone (# ) and heatsink. I bought three of these as a package deal, but I only need two for my bass.

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Moyen RS adhesive is supplied with each kit for attaching the spider and surround to the speaker frame. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. We are happy to recone your speaker for you. Being avid handyman and construction ev, speakers, I was in charge of cabinets from a vacuum.

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EV Electro Voice Evm-15b Series II 15″ Woofer Speaker 200w 8 Ohm

Consider that the baffle board has a triangular cut-out at the corner and the back of the cabinet has a rather large rectangular port.

I can’t wait to get an E so i can get in this good debate.

We did not find any defects, though it is used. Looks good Help Page Contact Us. Full drivers, tweeters and alot of very rare exotic parts from speakers field.


Donny Hinson Member From: Using this jig to assemble the recone kit insures that the voice coil is glued to the spider and cone at the proper depth every time. The other will be used to make a second speaker cabinet to ev with my Kustom KBA combo.

I have re-coned many woofers over the years.

E Vs. EVM 15B Lets get ready to rumble!

The physical difference is that the L has “ribs” along the outer edge of the cone I have a very small list from what I have: More Thomann Facebook 115b. Good luck, I enjoyed researching, buying parts, and constructing my cab. What’s the difference between the two?

Lets make this transaction to be with good communication and nice for both of us. We also found a bunch of B’s. Item in the pictures is the one you will receive Any questions email and I will rvm happy to shmooze with you!

But “lead” might make sense in the case of the EVM drivers. The differences are in the evvm responses. The original do-it-yourself kits required much more skill and knowledge and the parts didn’t always fit well.

AC power and line in feed is derived from the stock amp. Shipping varies by location. Call me Dennis Come emv to the Mountain soon and come often!

Oops, where did it go? In the digital age, the loudspeaker is the last and unchangeable outpost of analogue technology.


Electrovoice EVM 15B 15″ woofer-needs recone. Results 1 to 15 of Impedance is 8 ohm. The hardest part about reconing speakers is centering and setting the voice coil to the proper depth. Pete Burak Member From: James Quackenbush Member From: Will be packed professionally and get to egm door in the condition as seen in photos.

EV EVM 15 B Recone

A more fluid glue would help when a second coat is needed there. Any questions email and I will be happy to shmooze with you! I hope I was able to provide you with the information you are looking for today. Did you find this review helpful? Infinite baffle would be more akin to ceiling or a wall that would seemingly go on infinitely and just separate the front and back waves of the speaker. Will consider other destinations or services at actual cost. Volume price discounts are only available for orders placed on this website.

The bottom line is that the L is an amazing full range speaker that can be used all by itself and still sound great.

Instruments are our business.