Although you can do a wide range of testing within FontForge itself, you will need to generate installable font files in order to perform real-world testing during the. After testing multiple online tools to extract fonts from PDF files, I found a free software for Windows. FontForge is not an online solution, but. I can see all the font names with Print(FontsInFile(“”)), but when I try to open it with Open(“(Name)”) or Open(“(Number)”) and try.

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Maybe they were facing server issues at the time, so I will give them fony benefit of doubt. File size is limited to 14MB. FontForge cannot merge shapes if one of the shapes is traced in the wrong direction that is, if the outermost path is counterclockwise. Because it has attracted low-quality fontfforge spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

It can result in sharper rendering and better grid-fitting when the fonts are displayed, without any additional design work.

How can I extract fonts from a PDF file? – Super User

You are reading a PDF file and like the font type. In reply to this post by vernon adams-2 Am Konwerter will quickly create a zip file with all the fonts used. Sign up or log in Sign up using Extracf. I know that usually embedded fonts in PDF files are only subsets of the fonts. TrueType which is found with the.

The Final Output, Generating Font Files

But although this technique is great for designing and refining forms, you want your final, published font to have simple outlines of each glyph instead. I am configuring like this In reply to this post by vernon adams As soon as this operation is completed, you may notice something puzzling. Email Required, but never shown. You can download the zip file with font files in TTF format ready to be used. Please also add all the other information that is relevant to the why and how that is still left out even with the addition of new information you provided.


The git version should treat PDF files like other font collections.

In reply to this post by Gustavo Ferreira-3 Thanks for the warning. Which in turn means if you plan to use said copyrighted font you can get in a lot of trouble. Select the font you want to extract and click OK. The page’s content stream uses both these fonts on different parts of the text. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. On the left-hand side is a pull-down menu from which you select the format of the font you wish to generate. In reply to this post by Barry Schwartz It is required because the page’s content stream uses both these fonts and the content that uses the Type0 variety is encoded as a hexstring with a Identity-H encoding.

Now all PDF readers seem to render everything correctly, clearly fontforge development haven’t seem to take this situation where two fontobjects with the same BaseFont names are encountered into account or am I missing something in the scripting language?

All went fine on main Linux Box: You will use the Fontfkrge Fonts extrzct found in the File menu to build a usable output font regardless of whether you are making it for your own testing purposes or to publish it for consumption by others, but you will want to employ a few extra steps when building the finished product.

So, if the PDF file that you are trying to extract from does not contain the letter “P”, then that letter will not show up in FontForge. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Konwerter is another online tool to extract fonts from PDFs online. Extracy have this peculiar single-paged pdf which contains a content stream using two different font objects.

After you can run these tests without errors, you will then need to convert your paths to quadratic curves. I hope all the hundreds of fonts fonfforge would like to extract from the PDF are ‘free as in freedom’. Curiously their BaseFont names happen to be the same i. Fonts are protected by licences just like software, and ‘proprietary’ font licences do not allow extracting fonts from PDFs There are hundreds, so it whould be helpful if there is a way to do it from the command line.


You should first correct the direction of all of your paths as described above.

A path traced in the wrong direction is an error of its own, though, which you should fix anyway. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you ffont read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

You can also download attachments along with fonts. Ofntforge you visit the site, it will ask you to choose a Fontvorge file and the type of data you want it to extract. In the case where the Type0 variety font is used on the second line which says ” Next, check to make sure that you have not left any unclosed paths. There is an identical question on Stackoverflow that already has an excellent and highly upvoted accepted answer.

All of the options you need to look at are found in the fotforge half of the window. If this is your initial log entry, you should also describe your font and its purpose in a sentence or two.

[HOWTO] Extract Fonts from a PDF File using FontForge

In the left-hand side pull-down menu, select the format of the font you are generating — either TrueType or OpenType CFFas discussed earlier. Extract all fonts inside a PDF file. If there is a copyright notice displayed at the bottom, you should probablly stop what you are doing since that usually means the font should be purchased.

The site is a lot slower than the previous one I tested but gets the job done.