Example of Fortec unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabric to repair and reinforce bridge column after accident. Our Products. Countersunk Staple The first commercially available concrete crack control stitching system designed to transfer load away from repair materials. Example of Fortec repair of sewer man-hole. Lee Infrastructure Restoration Engineer: Sandusky Water Works Material Used: Fortec Carbon/Kevlar Grid.

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Concrete wall crack injection repair became less expensive with the introduction of dual cartridge tube sets, dual dispensing guns, etc.

Top Coat Various top coats are available: Fortec Stabilization Systems Countersunk Staples are the first commercially available concrete crack control flrtec system designed to transfer load away from repair materials. Abrasive blast cleaning to SA 2.

Fortec Miami Inc

When Fortec Carbon Fiber Countersunk Staples are applied across the face of the concrete crack, the load is foetec away from the glue line to the portion of the substrate that is not cracked. Surface preparation The steel surface should be dry and free from contamination.

The steel surface should be dry and free from contamination. It is the long-term creep and fatigue of material injected in concrete cracks with the movement of the foundation that can fail over time. Its bidirectional weave provides strength to both hoop and axial directions.


Poured wall companies would relair a guy off a crew when they were slow and send them out for warranty repairs. Everyone with a pulse began shooting concrete cracks with some kind of sealant. By cross-stitching concrete crack repair with staples this creep is eliminated and improves the long term performance of the repair material.

It is constructed from a bidirectional weave of glass or carbon fiber reinforcing a proprietary solvent free epoxy, foftec a composite system with exceptional performance. Very few concrete crack repairs fail immediately.

When applied on either ends of the repair, it deprives corrosion from any point of entry. It is versatile and can be installed on various geometries such as tees or elbows that require structural reinforcement or leak containment. We also use aramid reinforcement as well as coloured threads for overlapping frotec, which contribute to the reliability and reproducibility of the system performance.

Can be applied underwater or in any weather conditions. It shows not only higher adhesion strength but also longer bonding performance.

With the Fortec Carbon Fiber Countersunk Staples installed you can be confident the concrete crack will not reoccur at the injection site and the repair will last the life of your home. However; it also became too easy. forrtec


Fortec Stabilization Systems: Case Studies. Repair of Highway sewer.

The Staples are comprised of high tensile strength and modulus repaid fiber. Find a contractor today that does not offer a warranty, but are they still in business 2 or 3 years later when the repair fails. Countersunk Staple Fortfc first commercially available concrete crack control stitching system designed to transfer load away from repair materials. The fibers are encapsulated in a thermal set resin and cured under pressure during manufacturing process.

It is user friendly with a 1: This prevents fatigue and re-cracking of the injection glue line. This is a partial answer to composite capabilities to keep up performance fotrec time. A peel-ply fabric is adhered to the strap; when removed, it leaves a prepared bonding surface for adhesion to a prepared substrate.


The typical staple is 10″ long by. It is economicaluser-friendlyquick to install even in the most severe climatic conditions. Various types of epoxy and fortrc materials have been designed to suit the needs of our clients and to offer solutions to different technical situations.