Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade In this engaging fantasy, Danica Book 1 of 5 in Kiesha’ra (Paperback) (5 Book Series). Atwater-Rhodes (In the Forests of the Night) takes a break from vampires to create two warring clans: avians, who are human and bird, and. Awards. Iowa High School Book Master List WINNER Oklahoma Sequoyah Young Adult Book Master List WINNER Texas Lone Star Reading List.

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Very few have done this, but Hawksongregardless of the years that have passed since I last turned its pages, stuck in my mind enough to make me want to read it again.

Hawksong (Kiesha’ra, book 1) by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Apart from the dalliance that Zane was carrying on, which obviously needed to come to an end once Zane was married to Danica, that guard snake-girl needed to back-off. Mortal enemies in nature, but as Zane, the heir and then kind of the Serpiente, hawksongg It was definitely and adventure and Hawkslng really liked the Avian aspect of things. The book was very well written and the characters seemed quite real, which is what made this book very likeable and enjoyable to read.

Atwater-Rhodes creates a great world that feels rich in lore and history but at the same time feels simple and real.

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I couldn’t believe that Amelia Atwater-Rhodes had one of her main characters abdicate the throne because she couldn’t hack being a queen to the people she and her parents had tried to save from war! I will be continuing on with the next blok.

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I, despite having read over books since late I wasn’t big on reading before thencan count on one hand how many books I’ve taken the time gook read more than once.

Otherwise, the place that the book ends is so abrupt and premature that it really should be considered “part ahwksong versus “book one. Customers who bought this item also bought. I hate when books do that! I really should have known better than to get my hopes up.

The only thing more familiar to her is war: Now, that plot may sounds simple enough, but the actual storyline goes far beyond a matrimonial truce. I mean, why couldn’t Zane remain badass till the end? Jan 18, Emily Eastman rated it it was amazing Shelves: My non-writing hobbies are eclectic, and cover everything from rather domestic pastimes like cross-stitch and cooking to aquarium keeping, playing piano, gardening, carpentry, Harley-Davidsons, driving, and arguing- there are few things I enjoy more than a good debate with someone who knows how to argue, which might have something to do with a best friend who works in politics.

Biok is an amazing story filled with rich imagination and diverse characters, detailed cultures, including customs and religion. Alright, I didn’t do a very hwwksong job of explaining that. Print Hardcoverpaperback. Then, in the completely WRONG section there was a small paperback on the shelf in the wrong direction someone had obviously misplaced it there I simply love history and ancient stories and this book had quite a lot of hawkong.

Zane isn’t happy with Danica By the way, she’s the main character and I would say she was quite boring Zane is making out with someone else because he’s lonely Zane is trying to love Danica Zane finally in the end, has fallen for Danica That’s all that happened. They come together and form an ideal, a dream, of a place where their peoples can live booo in peace.


Serpiente wear sensual oufits hawjsong are free with their emotions, even in situations where some control might be appropriate.

An answer to my tireless search for the next Warprize- arranged-marriage-between-two-feuding-clans story! Both the hawks and cobras share different traditions and as Zane and Danica grow to fall in love with one another, they also learn to assimilate their cultures and their people.

I loved that, even though their people had been warring for centuries, the leaders of each nation were willing to leave everything they knew in order to bring peace t This is a compressed review of four of the five books in the Kiesha’ra series I never could find Snakecharmso just be warned.

When Zane hears of her actions, he believes that the avian and the serpiente can come to some kind of truce. My mind kept oscillating between 3. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Carter rated it it was amazing Shelves: In conclusion this book has great character, an amazing plot, and it’s clean.

At first he’s all show for the cameras, trying to put on the charade that he’s in love wi What a great and quick book! Both sides have experienced bloodshed and loss.

But making peace proves to be harder than either of them had expected. Because I always read it in one day–it captivates me so much. This was a life: