Heliodisplay – Engineering Seminar. Heliodisplay. INTRODUCTION. Even though modern technology has invested millions, even billions, into projection screen. Aknowldgement 2 Heliodisplay Seminar Report 13 Dept. of Electronics ELDHOSE GEORGE 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Motivation is a driving. 11/3/ Seminar topic on Heliodisplay 2; 3. Introduction • Hi-Tech projector that displays pictures in the air. • An interactive free space display.

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Engineering Seminar Topics :: Seminar Paper: Heliodisplay – Engineering Seminar

However, that is an option that we can use, with the Heliodisplay or Fogscreen projector. The Heliodisplay is an invention by Chad Dyner, who built it as a 5-inch prototype in his apartment before founding IO2 technologies to further develop the product. In latea small company from the San Francisco Bay Area demonstrated a unique revolutionary display technology.

Post a Comment leave your opinion. Apparently, the Heliodisplay creates a particle cloud by beliodisplay the surrounding air through a heat pump, which in turn cools the air to a level below its dew point, where it condensates, and is then collected to create an artificial cloud. Also, just like viewing any computer monitor or TV, viewing a Heliodisplay image in direct sunlight is almost impossible.


Signals originating from an external source 12a VCR, DVD, video game, computer or other video source, pass through optional scan converter 38to processing unit 6to decode the incoming video signal. Components 38678910 may also be replaced by a video projector in a simplified embodiment.

The display can create a true 3D hologram effect when the right content is used. This streaking causes severe distortion of the image from off-axis viewing angles. Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search.

The present invention employs condensate extraction method specifically to serve as a self-sustained particle cloud manufacturing and delivery system. This can be used to find how the face will deform after plastic surgery. Like any computer monitor or TV, images appear brighter the lower the ambient light. This curtain is sandwiched between curtains of clean air to create an acceptable screen. Inthe U. Like any rear projection system, the images are best seen within 70 degrees to either side.


Collaborative Decision Making, e. The Heliodisplay projections are suspended in thin air, so you will notice some waviness to the screen stability and the intensity and clarity of the image is subject to ambient light conditions and optimization of display settings. Apart from displaying at a standard ratio of 4: It does not require any screen or substrate other than air to project its image, but it does eject a water-based vapour curtain for the image to be projected upon.

Intersecting light rays from multiple sources further maximize illumination at the intended image location by localizing the sum of illumination from each projection source striking the particle cloud imaging location. Extraction device 1 can be divorced from the main unit to a separate location, such as over the particle cloud 5. The Heliodisplay only requires a standard power outlet and a video source i.

Different buttons also allow the user to look around change the direction of the sunlight. Heliodisplay images are not holographic although they are free-space, employing a rear projection system in which images are captured onto a nearly invisible plane of transformed air.

Light beyond the frequency response bandwidth of the sensor is ignored or minimized, diminishing background interference and recognizing only intentional input Dyner bought an ordinary digital projector, took it apart, and spent entire days trying to figure out a way to stop in midair the light coming from the projector without engaging a traditional screen.

The only place that would not be taken is the spaces that people walk through. Newer Post Older Post Home.

The development of this distinctive technology, dubbed Heliodisplaj by its developer Chad Dyner, began early this decade after Dyner decided to trade a promising career as an architect to become an inventor. The coordinate in space where the intrusion is lit by the illumination source corresponds to an analogous two or three-dimensional location within a computer environment, such as in a graphic user interface GUI where the intrusion input 14 functions as a mouse cursor, analogous to a deminar touch-screen.


Heliodisplay looks high-tech, but it relies on fairly simple technologies.

Heliodisplay projects computer-based images onto thin particles of moisture generated by a particulate emitting device. No special glove or pointing device is required. Images can be seen up to 75 degrees off aspect for a total viewing swminar of over degrees- similar to an LCD screen.

Nothing is added to the air so there semijar any harmful gas or liquid emitted from the device. In an alternate multi-image generation embodiment, multiple images are generated on either a single image generator, such as one projection unit or a plurality of them 19and are directed, using a single optical delivery path 10or multiple delivery paths using multi-delivery optics 20splitting and recombining the seminxr.

Are you interested in this topic. Android, the word is not new to anyone now. In its preferred embodiment, reflected light scattered off the user’s finger or other input means 14 is captured by optical sensor The interactive M2i version includes virtual touchscreen capability.

Operating the device will not change a room’s environment, air quality or other conditions. The heliodisplay is an interactive planar display. The Heliodisplay transforms water into a unique screen of fine vapour, suspended in heliodisplay seminar report to create a nearly invisible screen into which any image can be projected.


The multiple projection source of this invention has the capacity to produc e multi-imaging; were discrete images projected from various sources heliorisplay each be viewed from different locations.

Patent Office granted Dyner a patent for a “method and system for free-space imaging display and interface”. Images can be seen up to 75 degrees off aspect for a total viewing area of over degrees- similar to an LCD screen.

The Heliodisplay or Fog Screen technology from IO2 Technologies can project computer-based images onto thin particles of moisture.