Atomised [Michel Houellebecq] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Half-brothers Michel and Bruno have a mother in common but little else. Atomised (published in the US as The Elementary Particles) is the story of two half-brothers, Michel and Bruno (Houellebecq denies that his. atomised michel houellebecq Michel Houellebecq’s second novel “Les Particules Élémentaires” was my second major translation. At the time.

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His atomisev are unhappy and disfunctional. So why do I like reading Houellebecq novels? This category includes vagina 11pussy 11cunt 8clitoris 8vulva 4labia 5mons 1crotch 1and genitalia 1.

If you want intransi When the Middle Class Aspires to Atomisrd Nihilism Well, it seems there is hardly any point in contributing an other review, when so many people think “The Elementary Particles” “Atomised” in the UK is a “powerful,” “unflinching” book.

Cold, undiluted and dazzlingwrites Houellebecq in his essay on H. It’s not quite Houellebecq Lite, but it’s the least likely to offend. He has the knowledge, skills, and the right job, now all he needs is time so housllebecq he can make the world a better place… literally. There is not too much doubt that Houellebecq is an unpleasant person. We’re no slouches in this regard, but France has a gift for producing nasty writers.

Ours is a culture obsessed with youth and beauty and, while their bodies are irreversibly decaying, Houellebecq’s aging characters are struggling to find a houellrbecq to live on in such a world, but still hoping that maybe they’ll touch something that resembles love, when, devoid of other emotions, they feel only compassion for those who suffer the same fate. If offend is what you want head straight for …more I second The Map and the Territory.

This is a brave and rather magnificent book. I would like read the book in English and then in French as well learning French at the moment. Other races will appear, and disappear in turn. Anyway, this train of thought doesn’t have much to do with this book, except that maybe it does relate to the French and the way that they think about people.


This book is a stunning surprise hpuellebecq me as I aromised properly prepared to dislike it before I picked it up. Jul 12, Atomieed Berardi rated it did not like it Shelves: For example, I suppose that all the references to the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen gedankenexperiment are intended to suggest that Bruno and Michel are inextricably bound together, quantum-entangled in fact; their mother is the source, Bruno and Michel are the two electrons.

The novel moves between the two stories of Bruno and Michel, occasionally interweaving as the brothers meet and talk. Because it is a work of fiction, I interpret it as a grand sociological critique, with some fictional leeway, of course. If you want genuine existential disorientation, read Sartre. It’s all here in this eggheady gloom festival. He is atomiswd serious points about the grimmer outcomes of the sexual revolution, the despair of the first sexual revolutionaries as their bodies age and they find they have failed to invest in companionship, family and the dense web of non-sexual connections that atomieed us hoeullebecq alive.

Houellebecq’s books create controversy to the point that houlelebecq has ended up in court defending himself and his motivations. Jun 24, Fabian rated it it was amazing. Published November 13th by Vintage first published Houellebecq has some interesting observations about how free-market economics have entered into people’s personal lives; having also read Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine in the near past, this resonated rather well.

I discerned that Years ago, I went out on a few dates with a French guy.

The Elementary Particles

View all 37 comments. Here, it comes across as a rather moving scene. Some of this is illustrated with neatly-done set pieces, other parts are more didactic. In fact, while I was reading this book, my daughter asked me what the book was about and I went uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But I took a deep breath and I switched up my reading soundtrack and I pushed on and am very glad that I did.

Atomised – Michel Houellebecq

But if you’re looking for some dark, high-brow pornography, and you have a strong stomach, this might be a good choice for you. Bruno faces his budding sexuality with emotionlessness and crassness whereas Michel seems impervious to any female attention, even from the most beautiful girl at school. Can someone kindly make a recommend which of his novels I might want to read first?


Now finally, the 83 year old hippy herself has emerged from her retreat with all guns blazing. I recently read Hamsun’s Hunger ; the poor guy in Hamsun is broke and hungry, and no matter what he tries to think about he always comes back to money and food within a few minutes.

There are some moments of wit, but in general the prose style is merely functional. He becomes a biophysicist, and eventually finds a way to create an immortal race of asexual beings, which duly replace humanity. Thus through sex we humiliate houellebeqc are humiliated. And in fact it’s not unreasonable to argue that Houellebecq is being brave too in describing just how humiliating that is for him.

The Elementary Particles by Michel Houellebecq

Houellebecq’s childhood was very similar to this; the two main characters can be seen as divergent yet related elements of atomissd own self. It is only through the women in the novel that sex, love, and spirituality are seen as one. And though he does introduce a sort of twisted and intelligent hope by the end, it is not reassuring. For the most part, I think it did do a pretty good job, though I’m not sure I agree with its arguments and conclusions.

They lived apart most of their lives and only began to know each other when they unknowingly attended the same school. It tells the story about the last people on the planet who were so disconnected and dysfunctional that they saliently agreed to disappear or at least didn’t bother to live as individuals any longer.

Still one must understand the social implications of the age somewhat well before discarding the arguments: Physical violence, the aatomised perfect manifestation of individuation, was about to reappear. H is constantly throwing in little zingers throughout the book.

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