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Quotes [ edit ] India is yet another major victim of Islam. The day Muhammad bin Qasim, entered Sindh as a conqueror, must rank as the most ominous, odious and outrageous moment in the history of India, whose proud, pious and powerful traditions have been the torch-bearer of world civilisation. The Indians, used to enjoying the warmth of ahinsa, were stunned by the violence that the Arab raiders displayed in robbing the rich and seducing the indigenous damsels.

Yet the irony was that they did all this in the name of the Most Compassionate and Just Allah, who counts these felonies as acts of fairness when they are committed to torture the unbelievers. Then, this land that had become indifferent to the vicissitudes of history owing to a very long period of prosperity and plentitude, was attracted by more Islamic predators, who rushed in through the Khaiber Pass to loot her wealth, dishonour her daughters and crush her ethos that had stood the test of time despite its proneness to physical comforts and spiritual mirages such as ahinsa.


Anwar Shaikh’s Islam, the Arab imperialism. The Arabs are the rulers and the non-Arabs are to be ruled Islam is the means to realize this dream Islam has caused more damage to the national dignity and imperialisj of non-Arab Muslims than any other calamity Yet they believe that this faith is the ambassador of 1.

This is a fiction. Theory and practice of Muslim state in India.

Anwar Shaikh (critic of Islam)

Respect to the Kaaba means, respect to Xrab, respect to Mecca means respect to Arabia, and respect to Arabia means respect to Arabs, the dwellers of Arabia”. Islam, The Arab National Movement. Egypt and Iran were the early casualties.

It was the pillaged wealth and abducted daughters and sisters of the foreign nations which lent the golden touch to this Arab era.

About [ edit ] Anwar Sheikh, for example, was a typical Muslim in He even killed three Isla, Hindus in the back-streets of Lahore during the post-partition riots and felt proud of performing a jihadic act. But once he saw through Muhammad, his creed, his book and his god AllahSheikh not only discarded Islam with contempt but is now a committed scholar producing powerful literature and defiantly fighting the Islamic thought-police. Abhas Chatterjee, in Time for imperialosm taking, whither Sangh Parivar?


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Islam: The Arab Imperialism :: Reviewed by Daniel Pipes

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