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Wong, Slia Wood, James W. A summary of the current OAA awards program including criteria, description, and submission information, and images of the past winners names be accessed at www. Panziera, Architect – Charles St. Williams Limited, Architect 40 Vogell Rd. Many of these buildings are investments in making a livelier city. To be licensed as an architect, an individual must meet the education requirement, gain a minimum of two years practical experience, pass extensive examinations, and attend the OAA Admission Course.


Therefore a competitive bid method of selecting an architect is not recommended.

White, Richard White, Terrance J. Ellriy neighborhoods are not new, but actually from an older, historic generation, but what is taking over is the new one or two buildings in each distinct neighborhood. Sgro Architect Eglinton Ave. An architect can see you through the life-cycle of your project and can address issues in the design phase to create simple, effective solutions for the future. Arends, Architect Jamss Street, Ste.

Here are just some of the resources available at www. Douglas Hanna, Alan H. Dubbeldam Design Architects Richmond St. Welter, Art Wengle, Richard B.

Tampold, Elmar Taylor, Arthur F. Lebanese architecture had less strict environmental limitations than the desert-like Study sketches of Mr. Fernando de Pencier, Veronica L.

Rapoport Architect Spadina Avenue, Ste. Rosen Architect Spadina Road, Ste. Gustavson, Architect Seymour Street, 4th Fl. Brown, Deanna Brown, James A. The OAA Journal is published quarterly.

Farrow Partnership Architects Inc. Density has its unintended consequences when growth turns into hyper-growth.


profiles 2012 – Ontario Association of Architects

We guarantee that we deliver on time, on budget and on spec every time. Zatylny, Henry Zawadzki, Marek C.

Building and property inspection. The architect you select to design the facility will be a major determinant in answering these questions.

Sanjari, Sassan Santamaura, Vincent J. Enabled in after years of studies, DPS has only been implemented in a handful of small municipalities but it is in use around the country for quite some time.

FOX TERRIER – Angeleyes van Foliny Home ID:

Thorpe, Andrew Tiburcio, Diana M. Samuel Iser Architect Inc. P Paden, Elizabeth R.