HM Government, JDP Campaign Planning. Add to My Bookmarks Export citation. HM Government, JDP Campaign Planning. Type: Document; Date. CAMPAIGN PLANNING. HANDBOOK. Academic Year Editor: COL Mark Haseman. United States Army War College. Department of Military Strategy. and JDP , Campaign Planning. The British define campaign as a set of military operations planned and conducted to achieve strategic objectives within .

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Political, economic and social issues may have caused discontent and sporadic conflict for generations or be more recent: The process is multi-disciplinary and pan-headquarters, driven by the Chief of Staff, who should harness the power plwnning the staff.

This information is Crown copyright and the intellectual property rights for this publication belong exclusively to the Ministry of Defence MOD.

January 14, Releasability:. The media s impact on national and international opinion can both reflect and influence a crisis.

Non-state armed groups NSAG conflict regions. UK forces are subject to UK national law and international law, 8 as well as the legal provisions of any UN or other mandate.

As a coalition of UK-based development, humanitarian, More information. Systems analysis was introduced to support analysis and assessment of the conduct of the Vietnam War. A Framework for Fraser Health For further information contact: Devil s Advocacy requires a selected individual or element within the analysis community of interest to question, plamning potentially disprove, prevailing assumptions.

HM Government, JDP 5-00 Campaign Planning

In theory the campzign was transparent to all; in practice few could understand the sheer weight of data presented. Such divisions may be deep-seated and exacerbated by resource inequality.


Campagn make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Widespread but sometimes influential diasporas can also increase the risk of conflict spreading. Most incidents are handled at a local level by the emergency services and by the appropriate local More campaigb. This core competency involves the ability to bring about strategic change, both within and outside the organization.

It involves adopting a mindset that is different from the rest of the community of interest, and is well-suited to a non-conformist but not to a blinkered or prejudiced member of staff.


Annex 1B addresses potential information sources, including those accessible through reachout from a deployed headquarters. The identification of, and subsequent engagement with, key leaders may be critical to success. Analysis is driven by the commander to frame the problem. Actors and their influences can be depicted diagrammatically to depict formal, and informal, relationships in cqmpaign, a stakeholder network. Government Technology Services Plabning Readers wishing to quote JDPs as reference material in other work should confirm with the DCDC Doctrine Editor whether the particular publication and amendment state remains authoritative.

Many crises are influenced by their historical origins as well as their more immediate causes. Such tools are widely used in US headquarters.

Understanding context depends on not only acquiring the requisite knowledge, drawing upon information and intelligence, but also nd Edition. Re-alignment of borders and boundaries, both formal and informal, that may have contributed to tensions or previous conflicts.


Campaign planning | Ministry of Defence | Official Press Release

plannung All publications including drafts are available to view and download at: The Campaign is pressing. Context and Complexity The impact of these activities may depend on the resource s ease of extraction and processing; oil, for example, demands major investment, whereas alluvial diamonds can be literally available for the picking.

Analysis is never exhaustive, nor absolutely certain, for the dynamics of most crises are too complex and volatile, but effective analysis can help a JFC to rationalise though plannjng necessarily reduce that complexity and ambiguity to some degree Periodic review, including by those previously uninvolved, can provide a fresh perspective on a JFC s analysis and offset any tendency towards groupthink.

Tracking Progress in Advocacy: The degree of neutrality spans those who stop short of active opposition to the desired outcome, to those who support it with few reservations. While Status of Forces Agreements SOFAMemoranda of Understanding MOUor exchange of letters covering campaibn deployment of forces normally exempts personnel from campaigh law, deployed forces should nevertheless be conversant with it.

Alternative views can be introduced by red teaming to provide a variety of potential outcomes from the perspective of an opponent or other actors.