Along side of development lifecycle, most of us looking for a way to be sure that the unit of work that has been written is working properly and committed. JSFUnit provides testing capabilities for JSF applications. JSFUnit framework provides a facility for running the unit test cases for JSF application directly from the browser. To make .. Spring + Hibernate Integration Tutorial. JSFUnit tutorial, available from: ht tp:// Shunmuga, Shunmuga, R. (). Introduction to Java Server Faces, available from: ht .

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SO in the spirit of following up deconstruction with something constructive, maybes: For example, the following code adds a simple Request Listener. In the following test class, we will discuss three tuotrial scenarios, one when the username and password given by the user is correct, the second being the scenario when the username is correct and the password is wrong, and finally for the username being incorrect.

I need a sample project regarding JSF UNIT testing (JSF forum at Coderanch)

JSFUnitFilter which is used to initiate the environment suitable for running test cases. Old versions of various common libs getting entangled. We have also listed some of the popular JSF Books.

Meaning because there is no one scenario that every passer on a given single bridge falls through, the land mines are never dug up. From there you can test to make sure your application configuration is correct. Testing has become an important aspect for tuotrial application and an application cannot be released unless it is not thoroughly tested.

That allows you to run JUnit tests as stand-alone executions without the tedious overhead of starting and stopping an appserver.

In the example JSF page, we have displayed two label components jefunit the help of outputText tag, one within the form and one outside the form tag. I love how people talk all the time about how classloaders are the part of Java that separates the chillun from the grown folk probably half or more of whom would fail a basic design patterns testand yet here we are admitting jsfunot the thing is so stupid that it will just load up stuff and let the whole house burn down.


Given below is the code snippet of the JSF page. Finally the article provided the miscellaneous capabitiies like checking the state of managed beans, adding request listeners, testing faces messages etc. Also, it is recommended you visit the Jira pages to get a glimpse of jsfubit status or project tasks.

For illustrating this, we will develop a traditional login application which prompts for the username and a password during application startup. JSFUnit has documented ways to be integrated with Maven, but the maven plugin in eclipse can’t easily map a custom goal to a run operation.

You would think you’d be able to just define a run configuration that you could pass the test information to. Note that the return value view mapping during login process is modeled as navigation rules and navigation cases. If the framework is able to find the component it will return a valid UIComponent reference and the value for the component can be obtained by calling getComponentValue.

As soon as the request is submitted and the response is received, the client can call the method getPageAsText which will return a raw HTML page text. These guys are publishing to Maven, but including the classes in their jar. JSFUnit framework provides support for iterating over the faces messages upon response completion for validating its contents.

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I still like the idea of writing a crawler that spiders into open source projects and scores their potential for mayhem. Unit testing refers to testing components of an application as an individual unit. Note that the test method makes appropriate assertions before checking for the existence and the value rendered in the component. In the below faces configuration file, we have configured the class User as a managed bean and have given the scope as session.

Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. Asynchronous and Event-Based Application Design. The very first thing to note is all the test case classes should extend org.


This seems like something WTP should have taken care of, but 5 years on, they are still struggling with validation and code completion. Your email address will not be published. You can test anything reachable with the Expression Language. If you experience problems, have questions, or simply want to meet the community, visit the forum.

Help in testing web projects. JUnit is one of the most common unit-testing frameworks, but there are others as well. Lesser General Public License version 2.

The above page will be displayed when the username is invalid. We will also see how to write simple JSF test cases at the end of the section. The following screen shot captures the test results.

Introduction to JSFUnit

After each faces request, you get access to the full internal state of your application through the FacesContext. Sometimes, as part of debugging, it will be essential for dumping the client id information pertaining the current page. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Microservices for Java Developers: There is a new beta release of it, which looks great. It’s how modern jxfunit deliver modern software.

One of JSF’s major advantages is its ability to be work with basic unit testing. At jsfuniit same time, you also have access to parsed HTML output of each client request. Will probably go back to this.

Beta2 is now available for download. ServetTestCase so that the Servlet Runner can run the test case class within a web application. Maybe the Maven guys should think about a simple idea: Consider the following code snippet the gets the state of username and password for the Managed bean User. Running the tests, however, is a trip back to the same ugly dumpster dive anyone whose tried to do such stuff has probably forcefully repressed.