Implementatie van KNGF-richtlijnen. FysioPraxis. KNGF-richtlijn Fysiotherapeutische Verslaglegging. Amersfoort: Amersfoort: KNGF; . Handelen volgens de KNGF-richtlijn Artrose heup-knie: een prospectieve cohortstudie. Article (PDF . Fysiotherapeutische verslaglegging: de Achilleshiel voor Evidence-based Practice (EBP)?. Article Article. Dec ; J Eval Clin Pract. KNGF Clinical Practice Guideline for Physical Therapy in patients with stroke up to date to July richtlijn Fysiotherapeutische Verslaglegging).

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Magnetic resonance imaging of posterior cruciate ligament injuries: Oral contraceptive use and incident urinary incontinence in premenopausal women. Combined endurance-resistance training vs.

Het wetenschappelijk bewijs is per vraagstelling kort samengevat in een conclusie met de mate van bewijs. Effects of functional exercise training on performance and muscle strength after meniscectomy: Promoting urinary continence in women after delivery: Surgical anatomy of the medial collateral ligament and the posteromedial capsule of the knee. Psychological verlaglegging of cardiac patients: Cardiac rehabilitation as secondary prevention.


Pelvic floor muscle training during pregnancy to prevent urinary incontinence: Current concepts in the recognition and treatment of posterolateral corner injuries of the knee. West Indian Med J.

Bekkenfysiotherapie bij onvrijwillig urineverlies. High intensity aerobic interval exercise is superior to moderate intensity exercise for increasing aerobic capacity in patients with coronary artery disease. De literatuur is, waar mogelijk, gescheiden bekeken voor AI, FI en flatusincontinentie. Incidence, natural history and cardiovascular events in symptomatic and asymptomatic peripheral arterial disease in the general population.

Kwaliteitsinstituut voor de gezondheidszorg CBO; Is toevoegen van krachttraining bij cardiale revalidatie zinvol en heilig? Analysis of instability and magnetic resonance imaging.

Fysionet Evidencebased

Bijlage 1 Conclusies en aanbeveliingen. Reliability of treadmill testing in peripheral arterial disease: Rkchtlijn accuracy of the clinical knee examination documented by arthroscopy.

The effect of physical activity on endothelial function in man. Implications for urinary tract function. A nationwide survey among vascular surgeons.

Magnetic resonance imaging for the evaluation of acute posterolateral complex injuries of the knee. ST-segment elevation on Q leads at rest and during exercise: Training van het cardiorespiratoir uithoudingsvermogen.



Ann Med Exp Biol Fenn. Eur J Heart Fail.

A 7-year study on risks and costs of knee injuries in male and female youth participants in 12 sports. Med Sci Sports Exerc. Effect of behavioral training with or without pelvic floor electrical stimulation on stress incontinence in women: N Engl J Med.

The magnitude of the problem of peripheral arterial disease: Supervised exercise therapy versus non-supervised exercise therapy for intermittent claudication. Initial assesment of incontinence.